Man Rise Up is active and involved in the community. We attend, organize and provide events and services that serve our disenfranchised.


We partner with other Servant leadership and civic minded organizations to ensure we are present and have our fingers on the pulse of what is important.


Man Rise Up¬†mentoring programs specialize in helping teens overcome social, emotional and substance abuse issues. Have you witnessed your child exhibiting dangerous, frightening, or self-destructive behavior? We have numerous solutions for youth. Our programs achieve amazing, long-lasting results for troubled teens. Our programs are designed to meet…



  • TOP BOUND Individual and Group Coaching
    This program focuses on:
    – Pursuing Your Dreams with Purpose and Passion
    – Overcoming Challenges
    – Blocking Negative Thoughts
    – Changing Your Words
    – Implementing an Action Plan
    – Career Perspective
    – Time Management
    – Building Great Relationships
    Are you challenged with?
    – Procrastination?
    – Not having a clear vision?
    – Executing your goals?
    – Trying to…

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