Passing the Mirror Test – Can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly appreciate the reflection that is staring back at you?

Is your Character Cabinet properly stocked? A Personal Inventory – Have you taken yours lately? Do you like the results? Are you willing to be honest with yourself? Making the time for personal reflection is critical.

Identity of Important – What does important really mean to you.

Free yourself from yourself – Are you trapped in the stereotypes, caught in the hype of society, lacking a spiritual core.

Understanding feelings and your reaction to them – Feelings will happen, but how you respond is a choice that belongs to you.

Navigating the Peaks and Valleys with Faith no matter what – Realize that life has ups and downs, but you don’t have to be victim to them.

Cycle Breaking your life – You are a product of your environment, but you can escape with new knowledge and persistence.

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity– Prepare yourself, only a fool prepares a shield on the battle field.

Conscious Life choices – Give your time, energy, and concentrations to things that really matter.

Replenishing your tank when Life is trying to empty it – How do you keep yourself from running out of the fuel necessary to keep going in this every changing world?

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